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Basel Chemie strive for the best in the industry with solid financial structure and high technology.
We, established in 1999, were the first to localize Cosmetic Silicone Gels & Silicone Water Repellents in Korea that were only imported before.
All members of Basel Chemie are putting effort to keep our work in localizing various silicone products and in contributing to the development of global fine chemistry.

  • Chemical
    Tech 1

    Various technologies for making
    denatured silicone oil

  • Chemical
    Tech 2

    Silicone Oil Liquefaction

  • Chemical
    Tech 3

    RTV and HTV related

  • Chemical
    Tech 4

    Fluoride of silicone, Acrylic addition technology, etc.

We grow together.

Basel Chemie has been expanding our researches and developments for cosmetics silicone gel, architectural & industrial
products, paint additives, fluoro compounds and etc. through creating various replacements to globally popular silicone products.
We could contribute to Korea’s import-dependent silicone industry thanks to our valued customers who have considered & consumed Basel’s silicone products.

Based on these, Basel Chemie is now growing to be launching better products with world-class technology.
In this rapidly changing world market, we initiatively develop our products based on our customers’ needs, and produce, supply & support by differentiated quality.
We always try to help the industry flourish through setting up more patents and better technology for our customers.

We will keep communicating with our customers based on faith & passion and keep up
our best efforts for the customers’ value creation.

CEOChi-seung, Ahn.


  • 2020



    Basel Chemie is joining Elkem Group

    – A solid platform for further growth and development

  • - Major exhibitions from each country will be held

    - Total 200 domestic and foreign companies'
    transactions are carried out.

    - Start mass production of Emulsified Gel for cosmetics
    for the first time in Korea

    - Opening of dealerships in Italy, France, Germany,
    Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and Poland



  • 2016



    - Started mass production of Cosmetic Gel Powder

    - Localization of Coating Binder for glass and plastic

    - Execution of Korea Small Business Innovation Research Task

  • - Overseas sales started towards Europe, Latin America,
    and China

    - Started mass production & sales of Korea’s
    first Fluoro Silicone

    - Started mass production & sales of Silicone Water
    Repellent for bridge surface



  • 2002



    - Started mass production & sales of Korea’s first
    Water-based Silicone Water Repellent
    Development & sales of Acryl Silicone Paint Additive

    - Started mass production & sales of Korea’s
    first Cosmetic Silicone Gel

    - Establishment of manufacturing site

    - Patent application for Silicone Water Repellent

    - Started mass production & sales of Korea’s first
    Oil-based Silicone Water Repellent

  • - Establishment of Basel Chemie Co., Ltd.



Basel Chemie products are exported to more than
20 countries around the world.

  • Headquarter & Manufacturing site

    4, Janghanggongdan-gil 28beon-gil, Janghang-eup,
    Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, 33677 KOREA.

    T. +82-41-956-7273 F. +82-41-956-7275 Mail : basel@baselchemie.com
  • Sales & Tech Center

    121, Gongse-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si,
    Gyeonggi-do, 17085 KOREA.

    T. +82-31-284-7270 F. +82-31-284-7274 Mail : baselinfo@baselchemie.com
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